FORTY DEGREES Vodka 1,75L 1,0L 0,75L 0,375L 0,1L Premium vodka

Forty Degrees Vodka is distilled exclusively from Russian grain.

100% distilled and bottled in St.Petersburg.

It`s unique six-time straight column distillation process allows for the greatest quality of craftsmanship.

Forty Degrees Vodka has an edgy look, classic taste and moderate price range. This allows for Forty Degrees to be the drink of choice at any bar, restaurant or night club.

Smooth, crisp and clean craftsmanship allows Forty Degrees Vodka to be successfully mixed with soft drinks, fruit juice and energy drinks.

It`s smooth, easy-to-drink tongue complements an energetic evening out on the town.

The custom-molded bottled is aborned with abstract graphicsinspired by famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.

Rated 95 points out of 100 by the BeverageTasting Institute.

Tha Forty Degrees name alludes to the optimal serving temperature of vodka, which reflects the perfection that is Forty Degrees Vodka.

Size: 0,1 L; 0,375 L; 0,75 L; 1,0 L;1,75 L. Alcohol: 40%

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