ZVER’ (Beast) Vodka NEW! 1,0L 0,7L 0,5L Premium vodka


ZVER’ (Beast) vodka was launched in April, 2013, however, the vodka has already been recognized by experts and received superior awards at various prestigious international tasting competitions:
  • Grand-Prix at Best Product 2014 competition within Prodexpo 2014
  • Gold Star at Best Product 2014 competition within Prodexpo 2014 for new innovative solution of light bottle of ZVER’ vodka
  • Gold Medal at Innovative Product competition in such categories as Innovative Technologies, Packaging Innovations, and Innovations in Comfort of Consumption
  • Grand-Prix at World Food 2013
  • Silver Medal at International Wine & Spirits Competition 2013
  • Silver Medal at The Vodka Masters 2013 in Russia category
  • Silver Medal at The Vodka Masters 2013 in Europe category
  • Silver Medal at The Vodka Masters 2013 in Premium category
  • Silver Medal at The Spirit Design Masters 2013 in Vodka category

ZVER’ (Beast) vodka is an innovation in premium segment!

ZVER’ (Beast) vodka is the first Russian premium vodka in innovative aluminum packaging.

The advantages of such bottle are obvious:
  • Such kind of bottle is more convenient than the glass one as it is more transportable (due to light weight), cooled faster and is easier to recycle. Vodka in an aluminum bottle is cooled on average 5 times faster than in bottles from other materials
  • An aluminum bottle is considered most environmentally-friendly of all the packaging. It best preserves qualities of the beverage. It also eliminates the possibility of any irrelevant flavors
  • Just to compare: average weight of a glass bottle 1.0 l is 0,7 kg, while an aluminum bottle 1.0 l weights 7 times less -  0,1 kg
  • An aluminum bottle is obviously more durable than the glass one: even falling from 1-meter height will leave small dents in the worst-case scenario
  • An aluminum bottle shows to advantage (and attracts attention of consumers) both in a bar and on a store shelf
  • The bottle of BEAST vodka is extremely convenient for barmen: it can be easily used both for flairing and regular consumer service
ZVER’ (Beast) vodka combines best features of the alcohol industry today:
  • Unique innovative packaging, produced in the European Union
  • Exclusive design, elaborated by the specialists of a famous British agency CLAESSENS INTERNATIONAL LTD, whose portfolio contains packaging design for major international alcohol producers
  • State-of-art protection system against forgery
  • True Russian premium vodka of the highest quality produced at the factory of Ladoga Group in Saint Petersburg using filtration through the unique composite nano-filter Zeta Сarbon

Download the presentation (pdf)

ZVER’ (Beast) vodka is for men of spirit!

Produced by: Ladoga Group JSC (Russia)

Size: 0,5 L; 0,7 L; 1,0 L. Alcohol: 40%

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