PRESTIGE BLACK Vodka 0,5L PRESTIGE vodka, bitters and liqueurs

One of the largest Russian alcohol manufacturers, Ladoga, St.Petersburg, expands the product line of its leading low-premium brand, PRESTIGE. The company is launching PRESTIGE WHITE and PRESTIGE BLACK classic vodkas. They represent not only new products under the famous brand name, but also, and primarily, a liading edge approach to vodka production based on ecological principles.

It is a product manufactured from natural materials that does not contain any artificial ingredients or additives. The process engineers of Ladoga applied this principle to develop these new products.

They are alcohol and water. In its turn, alcohol can be produced not only from grain but also from other materials, such as potatoes, corn, beet, cane, etc. We use only high quality grain alcohols made from rye and wheat to produce PRESTIGE vodkas. It is well known that rye flour is used to make brown bread, while wheat flour is used to make white bread. We have decided to apply the same principle and get two types of vodka. One of them, PRESTIGE BLACK», is made using rye alcohol, while the other, PRESTIGE WHITE», is made of wheat alcohol.

Size: 0,5 L. Alcohol: 40%

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