Imperial Collection Grande Champagne Cognac New! IMPERIAL COLLECTION

Ladoga Group expands its notable Imperial Collection line and unveils to the world Imperial Collection Cognac Hors d'Age Grande Champagne Premiere Cru. This exceptional cognac in a limited series of 2500 decanters introduces the newest addition to the prestige range of cognacs. It implements the unique blend of finest eaux-de-vie steeped in history of France, Russia and Italy. We dipped an exquisite beverage into a perfect form creating a real art masterpiece to let you touch the classics of the world heritage, discover  the flow of time and taste the luxury.

Imperial Collection Cognac is created as an expression of the crowning achievements of masters of cellar in Cognac. The grapes for Imperial Collection Cognac were cultivated exclusively in the vineyards of Grande Champagne which have a category Premier Cru du Cognac. This cru is known to be the most respected of the six Cognac vineyard districts that surround Cognac town.

The Grande Champagne terroir is characterized by a maritime climate, and chalky soils over a bedrock of limestone and sandstone. These fine, white soils are the reason for the particular elegance of Imperial Collection Cognac. The cognac has been aged for over 40 years in Limousin oak barrels to reach its peak  and  get a smooth but full bodied blend.

Imperial Collection Cognac embodies glorious traditions of distillation and ageing of cognac by the house of Roullet  founded in 1772. This cognac house is one of a few houses that were appointed to supply the cognac for the French Royal Court as well as the Emperor Napoleon.

From 1883 to 1917 the Russian Imperial Court Jeweler Carl Peter Faberge managed to create 56 Easter eggs ordered by the Emperors Alexander III and Nicolas II. In the XIX-XX centuries Faberge was universally recognized as one of the greatest jewelers in the world and his Easter eggs have become worldwide symbols of Russia. When the Master was still alive his works were bought by all the Royal Families in Europe.

The  signature packaging in the form of Faberge Easter egg perfectly reflects Imperial Collection philosophy of elegance combined with tradition. It has been chosen to allow the connoisseurs to access the luxury experience originated from XIX century.

The case is made of metal alloy, covered with enamel imitating onyx or pearl and decorated with gilded elements and colored crystals. All the decorative elements are covered with 24-carate gold.

The iconic crystal decanter included in a luxurious Faberge style gift box as well as tiny glasses were made at glass-works in Venice which have been in existence since XII century.

The glass itself was produced using the technologies of the XV century which were transmitted from one generation to another.

The decanter is distinguished by its fine detailing beautifully decorated with pure gold and has a gilded cap with a red Swarovski crystal on top.

Imperial Collection Grande Champagne Cognac is sold as a gift set made up of 70cl/75cl Venetian glass decanter, four shot glasses with hand made decoration, Faberge style Easter Egg packaging and leather-print chocolate brown gift box.

Size: 0,7 L. Alcohol: 40%

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