PRESTIGE KLENOVAYA Maple Vodka 0,5L PRESTIGE vodka, bitters and liqueurs

We are pleased to offer you the original vodka, analogues of which were not yet produced in Russia.

Its main distinguishing feature is a completely new for the domestic consumer taste.

One of the components of the PRESTIGE KLENOVAYA vodka is a natural maple syrup manufactured in Canada.

Only in that country grows such kind of maple as sugar one, a leaf of which became its national emblem.

This type of maple makes a lot of useful refreshing juice from which syrup is made by evaporating, the purity and authenticity of which is controlled by a special government commission in Canada.

In production of PRESTIGE KLENOVAYA vodka is used maple syrup and spirit of the highest quality category "Lux".

Ingredients: Drinking corrected water, rectified ethyl spirit "Lux", maple syrup.

Size: 0,5 L. Alcohol: 40%

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