PRESTIGE ROWANBERRY WITH BRANDY Liqueur 0,5L PRESTIGE vodka, bitters and liqueurs

Rowan is a berry gaining a taste for the summer and keeping it up to the cold.

Plucked at certain times of the year in the ecologically clean regions of Russia our rowan is infused purified grain spirit in order to convey its taste and the best properties of sweet liqueur PRESTIGE ROWANBERRY WITH BRANDY.

Most valuable trace elements contained in the rowan is phosphorus which positively influences brain activity.

Also rowan us very well affects the functioning of the heart and liver.

In production of liqueur PRESTIGE ROWANBERRY WITH BRANDY is used rowanberry juice and highest quality category spirit "Lux".

Ingredients: drinking corrected water, rectified ethyl spirit "Lux", rowanberry juice, sugar, brandy, food additives: colorant sugar colour, complex flavouring food additive "Rosemary extract Flavor Plus".

Size: 0,5 L. Alcohol: 24%

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