PRESTIGE CRANBERRY WITH BRANDY Liqueur 0,5L PRESTIGE vodka, bitters and liqueurs

Cranberry is a natural storage of vitamins and trace elements, the Queen among the berries of the Russian North. Natural antioxidants in large quantities contained in cranberry help human body to fight harmful effects of stress, poor environment, have a rejuvenating effect on the human body.

The technology used by us in production of berry infusions for a series of drinks PRESTIGE allows thoroughly keep all nutritious of the berries.

In production of liqueurs PRESTIGE CRANBERRY WITH BRANDY is used cranberry juice and highest quality category spirit "Lux".

Ingredients: clusterberry juice, drinking corrected water, rectified ethyl spirit "Lux", brandy, cranberry juice, sugar, food additives: colorant sugar colour, complex flavouring food additive "Rosemary Flavor Plus".

Size: 0,5 L. Alcohol: 20%

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