PRESTIGE CHERRY WITH BRANDY Liqueur 0,5L PRESTIGE vodka, bitters and liqueurs

Cherry improves digestion, quench thirst, has beneficial effects on the liver, as well as have vessel-strengthening and antihypertensive effects.

We offer you the excellent classic infusion with a sweet taste of a ripe cherry.

For its preparation have been used specially selected ripe berries and high-quality cognac.

The infusion would be appropriate as an aperitif or a dessert. In production of liqueur PRESTIGE CHERRY WITH BRANDY are used fruit drinks and juices as well as the highest quality category spirit "Lux".

Ingredients: cherry juice, sugar, drinking corrected water, rectified ethyl spirit "Lux", chokeberry juice, plum juice, brandy, food additives: colorant sugar colour, natural flavouring "bitter almond essential oil", citric acid, complex flavouring food additive "Rosemary Flavor Plus".

Size: 0,5 L. Alcohol: 20%

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