Roullet cognac was appreciated at the Bernard Magrez Institute

The Roullet cognacs were highly appreciated by the visitors of a prestigious tasting competition organized by Sommeliers International magazine and the International Association of Sommeliers at the Bernard Magrez Institute in Bordeaux on February, 1st.

It’s one of the most authoritative reviews of AOC Cognac held by the most popular tasting magazine of France. More than 80 members of Association of Sommeliers of Bordeaux-Aquitaine headed by Bertrand Bizhasson took part in the meeting. Master Sommelier titleholders, experts who received The World's Best Sommelier titles, barmen, sommeliers, cellar's owners and bloggers, all of them came to discover exclusive alcoholic drinks.

The Roullet Cognac house was represented by combination consisted of three delicate samples. The audience particularly noted Cognac Roullet XO Gold Grande Champagne obsereved that it advantageously differs from other ХО Cognacs. Cognac Roullet Imperial Collection 1er Grande Champagne Hors d`Age with a package styled on Carl Faberge works didn’t leave the visitors cold. The experts noticed that everything including aroma, taste and style corresponds to the performance claim. However, a real queen of all hearts and receptors became Cognac Roullet Heritage Fins Bois that informally ranked among the top five Fins Bois and was called as the most «feminine» cognac as possible.

The event level reflected not only in the venue and the entry list but also in partners who participated in the event. Saunion company (a producer of chocolate since 1893) offered the visitors dark chocolate and spicy chocolate. Jean d'Alos (a cheesemonger since 1983) offered different cheeses and Foie Gras Biers company offered five cheeses mix. Petrossian company offered Imperial Collection of caviar obtained from the best sturgeon species. Vinea elegant glasses provided by a famous glassblowing company, Cristal de Sevres, emphasized perfectly the advantages of the cognac.

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