Upgraded Imperial Collection Gold

Famous premium Russian vodka Imperial Collection Gold (marketed in Russia and CIS as Tsarskaya Gold) has recently entered the market with updated design. Not only decoration elements have been changed but also shape of the bottle.

Thorough, precise and professional working out has been made on essential brand making elements of the design. Russian branding agency STUDIOIN that was responsible for its modernisation provided this comment: «We can’t call this redesign widescale but we consider it was essential and extremely in time».

Especially new ornamental pattern of central decoration was developed and introduced, and neat updating of the whole framing of Peter the Great’s portrait was made. For keeping 100% of visual continuity slight adjustments were placed in logo tracing in order to exclude excessive smoothness and letters’ line roundness; a bit more of «air» was added and letter spacing was increased.
Furthermore, Imperial Collection Gold 1 liter bottle has been changed in an obvious way. The bottle became thinner, taller and decreased in diametre. Now it can easily be placed into each bar counter in HoReCa segment that is good news for bartenders. Renewed bottle of Imperial Collection Gold  shows up on shelves even more advantageous and attract customers attention by its new shape.


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