General information

  • The Roullet family started distilling wine and producing cognac in 1780. The beverage was so incredible that cognacs by the Roullet family were noticed by the King of France and then by Napoleon Bonaparte, and Roullet became the main supplier of Napoleon’s army which is proved in the patent which survives to this day;
  • The Cognac House possesses vineyards in the so-called "Gold Triangle" of Fins Bois, near Foussignac;
  • Roullet Cognac House specializes in the full production cycle, from grape harvesting to bottling of the final products and their sale. The 9-generation descendant of the founder continues work in the cognac house. He is an expert in blending and has managed to  save secrets and family traditions of production of the legendary drink;
  • Roullet Cognac House produces V.S. Amber Gold, V.S.O.P., X.O., Reserve de Famille cognacs, and diverse millesimes which have been given the highest tasting points by the industry experts.

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