As a socially responsible company, LADOGA Group regularly provides charity support to medical, cultural, education and sports institutions and public organizations. It is also involved in important events on the national and international level on a regular basis, such as the 300-year anniversary of St. Petersburg (2003), the International G8 Summit in St.Petersburg (2006), the St.Petersburg International Economic Forum and the International Military and Naval Show (2007 and 2009).

LADOGA sponsored the construction of a musical Carillon to commemorate the 300-year anniversary of Peterhof; the restoration of the Konstantinovsky Palace; the celebrations of the 1250-year anniversary of Staraya Ladoga; the 11th International Music Festival "Palaces of St.Petersburg"; the Raduga International Theatre Festival; and a few other events. In 2005, the Company became a guardian of a white bear cub who was born in the Leningrad Zoo and named Ladogor after LADOGA.

For several years, the Company provided support to the legendary football club of St.Petersburg "Zenit", the volleyball club of Leningrad Region LADOGA, the mini-football club "Dinamo", the children's hockey team and the Handball Federation of St.Petersburg.

Nowadays, LADOGA is a sponsor of Dinamo football club and Vladimir Salnikov's Cup international swimming competition. It is a patron of the Summer Garden and the Sophia Cathedral in Pushkin; and a participant of the "Clubs of Friends" of the Russian Museum and Tsarskoe Selo State Museum and Reserve. The Company is a member of the veteran support program "Dolg". It provides support to the Military Medical Academy, the Children's Orthopedic Institute named for G.I. Turner, the Traumatology Institute named for R.R. Vreden, the Podorozhnik Charity Public Organization of St.Petersburg, orphanages and schools in St.Petersburg.

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